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Have you travelled on our Metro lines? Did you know that, in the Forum, there is an interactive table which develops the same application?

It will give you access to a Web App which will enable you to create your own Metro line and share it with your friends!

See below an example of line created by Christiane Waucquez, Head of the Friends of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

Journey imagined by a
Friend of the Museums in the KunstMétrod’art

With my face mask on, I embark on this metro for an inspiring journey.

Les masques scandalisés (James Ensor)

The masks here are scandalized. James Ensor was denouncing the hypocrisy of his time and remembering the grotesque masks that his grandmother used to sell in her shop.

Four Studies of the Head of a Moor (Peter Paul Rubens)

A painting by Peter Paul Rubens, featured on the old 500 Belgian Francs banknote, which often changed names to remain politically correct.

Caresses (Fernand Khnopff)

A mysterious work by Fernand Khnopff. Can you solve the riddle of the Sphinx, ‘What creature walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon and 3 legs in the evening?’

Lady behind a Piano (Fernand Schirren)

This work by Fernand Schirren reminds me of this magnificent piano recital by a talented Belgian artist, Eliane Reyes, and of Khnopff’s letters? Imagined by Michel Draguet.

The Use of Speech (René Magritte)

This painting has nothing to do with its title … Very common with this great Belgian artist René Magritte.

The Empire of Light (René Magritte)

Numerous versions of this painting exist, surrealist chiaroscuro…

Pygmalion (Paul Delvaux)

A painting by another great Belgian fellow artist of René, Paul Delvaux, very fond of trains …

Galatée (Jane Graverol)

Was Galatea a Lolita? Considering the beauty of Jane Graverol’s work, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Interview (Evelyn Axell)

Rivals for ‘Lolita’?  These two pretty figures in Evelyn Axell’s ‘Interview’ represent serious competition.

Still Life with a Bouquet of Flowers and Plums (Rachel Ruysch)

It’s clear that women are talented … Already in the 18th century Rachel Ruysch was painting to perfection.

Portrait of Antonius Anselmus, his wife Joanna Hooftmans and their children Gillis and Joanna (Marten de Vos)

It’s amazing what the fruits and animals mean in this painting. The bird perched on the eldest’s shoulder symbolizes a successful education, and the fruit he holds represents prosperity – quite a programme.

Venus and Cupid (Lucas Cranach)

Be careful never to steal honey from the bees.  This is the hard lesson that Cupid, the son of Venus, learned. One of the masterpieces from our collections by painter Lucas Cranach.

Bruegel’s masterpieces

When you come to the museum, don’t forget to check out the Bruegel Box for a total immersion in the world of this remarkable painter. Unless you decide to rebel, like the angels, and choose to create another journey that you like, a Metro line of your own that you could even send us!

Create your own Metro line